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December 2021

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Letter from Copenhagen

As the UN climate conference enters its last tense days here in Copenhagen, 80 mayors from cities around the world have just ended a historic Climate Summit for Mayors.  Copenhagen Mayor Rit Bjerregaard invited leaders from major cities across the globe to provide an urban perspective to the climate negotiations. Cities are, as a matter […]


A new look for “Seattle’s family room”

I was pleased to send to City Council a proposed Memorandum of Agreement between the city and Seattle Public Schools on the future of Memorial Stadium, which is part of the Seattle Center campus.  Under the proposed agreement, the city would acquire the Stadium site and lease the adjacent parking lot from Seattle Schools. Both […]


Budget: Smart and Prudent

The City Council is now holding hearings on my 2010 Proposed Budget. I thought it’d be appropriate to remind folks of my guiding principles.  The latest revenue forecasts project a $72 million revenue shortfall in the general fund’s 2009-2010 biennial budget, the result of lower revenue, particularly sales and business taxes. To balance the budget, […]


Restarting the clock at King Street Station

At precisely 1:00 p.m. today, I had the honor of throwing the switch and restarting the King Street Station clocks. It was a tremendous moment and a great celebration of the restoration work that we started. Here are some pictures of the event. You can also read more about the work at King Street Station. […]


Coming soon: Charging stations

Exciting news today that heralds the end of the filling station and the beginning of the era of the charging station. Under a $99.8 million grant announced today, the Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec) will establish up to 2,550 charging systems for electric vehicles in the Seattle area, as well as four other metropolitan areas […]


A place to call home for seniors, working people and families

At Meridian Manor today, I awarded housing grants to help seniors and people who are struggling to make ends meet. Our city has made a real commitment to house its people and we are using dollars from Seattle’s Housing Levy passed in 2002, and leveraging additional federal stimulus dollars. Specifically, the money will help build […]


The light rail story: How we reached this milestone

As we celebrate the July 18 opening of Link light rail, I’m sharing some of my recollections on the long road traveled to build our Sound Transit Light Rail line. There are those who say the debate over light rail in Seattle began in November, 1851 with the landing of the Denny party at Alki. […]


Have a favorite small business?

With innovative products and services, small businesses are vital to our community. They create good jobs. They add character to our neighborhoods. Here’s a way to recognize your favorite small business that’s making life better in Seattle. We’re now accepting nominations for the 2009 Mayor’s Small Business Awards. The 2009 Awards will honor the diversity […]


Together, we can make sure everyone is counted

Our city owes much of its strength and success to the cultural and ethnic diversity we embrace. As Seattle prepares for the 2010 census, it’s important that each and every person in our community is counted. Historically, communities of color have been difficult to reach in past census counts, perhaps due to language barriers or […]


A recycling milestone

I was pleased to join the Rivers family in Greenwood to announce that Seattle has set a new city record for recycling. For the first time, 50 percent of the city’s residential, commercial and self-haul waste in 2008 was recycled instead of going to the landfill. That’s up 1.8 percentage points from 2007 and marks […]